Our seeds

Our wildflower seeds are harvested from our meadows in Devon and Powys and topped-up with seeds from carefully chosen British suppliers. We try and minimise our environmental footprint by choosing eco-friendly packaging that’s easy to recycle. We have an exciting range of different seed mixes to choose from and can help you decide which mix is best suited to your project. We’re also on hand to talk about all things (wild) flowery, so if you need some advice or have some questions then get in touch, we’d love to help.

Wildflower Seed Mix 100%

Ideal for creating densely vibrant spaces with rich flora to attract numerous and varied wildlife

Wildflower Seed Mix 80/20

Perfect balance of native wildflowers and meadow grasses to develop long-lasting, diverse green spaces

Wildflower Seed Bee & Butterfly

Specific seeds and mixes to attract and provide maximum food source for vital pollinators such as bees and butterflies

Wildflower Seeds Single Species

From Agrimony and Corncockle to Wild Pansy, all our wildflower species for your specific requirements

Why wildflowers?

Wildflower meadows with their delicate swathes of rainbow colour are stunningly beautiful to look at. They also provide critical habitat for wildlife. Species-rich grassland can support up to 40 species per square metre! This comprehensive ecosystem includes pollinating insects that play an essential role in our food crop production as well as small mammals and birds.

Yet shockingly, in less than a century, we have lost 97% of the UK’s species-rich grassland. That means a huge loss of plant diversity and a massive loss of habitat for wildlife. The good news is that it’s not too late for this trend to be reversed and we can all play a part. Whether that’s in our gardens, in city parks, on farms and smallholdings, on campsites, or on new housing developments, we can make meadows both big and small, providing nectar for important pollinators and more wild homes for nature.

Wildflower meadows need much less maintenance than a boring old lawn. We’re not anti-lawn (okay maybe just a little bit), but we do encourage everyone, whether you have a postage stamp garden or a hundred acres, to devote some of that land to create a habitat for wildlife. You’ll be doing your bit for the planet, and there are heaps of rewards for us humans too. Being among nature brings a sense of peace, an escape from the demands of everyday life, and it’s a whole lot of fun too!