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Wild Flower Meadow Seeds

We’re a family-owned Seed Business offering a vast diversity of UK native wildflower seeds and seed mixtures. We’re proud growers and suppliers of British wildflower seed mixes that will achieve the desired display you’re looking to create specifically for your soil type. Wildflower seed mixtures are ideal pollinators that’ll help attract and support native butterflies, bees, hoverflies, and beetles and make a perfect addition for gardens, meadows and urban areas.

Creating beautiful and biodiverse habitats is our business, and our friendly team of WildaHome experts are on hand to help and guide you. Whether you’re sourcing specific wildflower seeds, wildflower seed mats or seed mixtures, we can help you create your own stunning and nature-filled habitat, whether for a garden, meadow or large conservation project.

Wildflower Seed Mix 100%

For creating densely vibrant spaces with rich flora to attract numerous and varied insects & pollinators

Wildflower Seed Mix 80/20

Perfect balance of native wildflowers and meadow grasses to develop long-lasting, diverse green spaces

Wildflower Seed Bee & Butterfly

Seeds and mixes to attract and provide maximum food source for vital pollinators such as bees and butterflies

Wildflower Seed Single Species

From Agrimony and Corncockle to Wild Pansy, all our wildflower species for your specific requirements

Wildahome Wildflower Seed Mats

A cost effective, quick and efficient way of spreading seed to create a wildflower lawn or area, whether in a domestic garden, holiday park or housing development site.

Available with all our seed mixes.

Most Popular Seed Mixes