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Civic and Institutions

How Local Authorities can lead from the ground up

We’re all more aware of the environment than we’ve ever been, and everyone has a role to play in helping the planet. Many of us are doing our bit already, big or small, but still, with the extensive land under their control, perhaps our local authorities should be leading the way and be doing that little bit more.

Did you know?

404 principal councils in the United Kingdom own vast swathes of land from parks to school fields. In England alone, local authorities own 1.3 million acres, and if just 10% is developed into rich biodiverse habitats, that will create 130,000 acres of green space for our British wildlife to thrive. With all this land held by local councils, it seems a glaringly easy choice to develop just some of it into green spaces full of wildflowers for nature and wildlife to flourish. And these spaces don’t need to be huge, as every little bit helps.

By developing land so that nature and wildlife can thrive is vital for their survival and the environment. WildaHome lives and breathes nature, and we’re excited and eager to help local authorities throughout the UK achieve these simple but crucial developments in any way we can.

What types of sites are suitable?

Pretty much any space can be developed into a beautiful habitat for nature to live in. It can be a small area at the edge of a school field, the areas around Council buildings or a large expanse in a country park.

Both visually stunning and a haven for wildlife, these habitats can be enjoyed by everyone whilst being a crucial home for bees and butterflies and other wildlife critters. Everyone’s a winner!

Using wildflowers to create rich habitats

Wildflowers provide diverse and rich habitats for all sorts of insects, small mammals and birds. They provide a stunning natural environment that’s planet-friendly and can be quick to establish and easily maintainable making them a great option for otherwise unused spaces.

Are you ready to take the lead?

Ensure your local authority becomes the trail-blazer in helping our environment and British wildlife and decide today to get in touch. See how we can help you turn just some of your land into something environmentally wonderful!