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County Wildflower Seed Mixes

Each year we harvest and have access to a limited amount of wildflower seed from certain regions and counties around the uk. Choosing wildflower seeds from certain  specific areas enabling you to re-establish species that are found in that area and given to similar soil and climate conditions.

Please contact us to find about availability and pricing for wild flower seeds from the counties areas below:

Sussex Wildflower Seeds

Boasting the South Downs, the Weald, and Ashdown Forest, Sussex has some beautiful countryside in its pleasant landscape. Founded in 477 as the kingdom of Sussex when Saxon invaders gave it its name, the land of the South Saxons, it was purposely split into two counties back in the 12th century with the more familiar names of West and East Sussex. Sitting on the south coast of England, the two counties offer chalkland of the South Downs, heavy clay soils of the Weald, sandstone of Ashdown Forest and the low-lying reclaimed marshland of the Pevensey Levels. With such diverse geology on offer, the two counties of Sussex truly are perfect sites to harvest wildflower seeds for our WildaHome seed mixes.

Surrey Wildflower Seeds

Sourcing wildflower seeds for seed mixes is vital for expanding wildflower meadows, so sites that offer diverse habitats and rich soil types make the perfect places to do this harvesting, and the county of Surrey is indeed one such place. With over one-fifth of the county covered in woodland, it quite rightly earned its famous name of ‘leafy Surrey’  for being the most wooded county in Britain. With boundless beautiful countryside on offer, the county is also home to the famous Surrey Hills, an area of outstanding natural beauty that stretches from the chalky, flower-rich grasslands of the North Downs in the west at Farnham to Oxted in the east.

Ramblers and hikers certainly won’t be disappointed with the rich, green landscape of the county of Surrey, and neither are we, making it one of WildaHome’s top counties for sourcing wildflower seeds.

Essex Wildflower Seeds

Essex has a highly diverse range of flora and fauna throughout its countryside, thanks to the range of beautiful rural locations within its borders with heavy clay soils typical of the county. With so much diverse geology, it’s not hard to choose Essex as the perfect site to source wildflower seeds for WildaHome seed mixes. Indeed, around 70% of Essex is deemed as rural, with rolling chalk hills and 87 nature reserves, so there are wildflowers to be seen everywhere. In addition, inhabitants and visitors will have plenty of options to see breathtaking landscapes and wildlife. For instance, Abberton Reservoir offers a wetland site of international importance for wildfowl, and the impressive expanse of saltmarsh at St Osyth is the spectacular Colne Point Nature Reserve.

Kent Wildflower Seeds

Kent can be located on the most southeasterly corner of Britain with just over 350 miles of coastline and sitting just 20 or so miles away from France at its narrowest. Awarded the name Garden of England for the abundance of orchards and hop gardens, the county of Kent is also home to the unique Romney Marsh, a low-lying wetland landscape perfect for bird watching as well as the High Weald. Situated to the west of Kent, the High Weald forms a medley of woodlands, rolling hills, and wildflower meadows covering 564 square miles.

With a third of the county deemed areas of outstanding natural beauty, there’s certainly plenty to see venturing out, including the Kent Downs that offers dramatic views and diverse wildlife and habitats that stretch from Dover’s famous White Cliffs up to the borders of Surrey and London. Finding beautiful landscapes won’t be a problem with riverbanks, grasslands, meadows, and ancient woods to explore. And with such a richness of habitats and loamy soils, it’s no wonder Kent makes the ideal county to harvest wildflower seeds for WildaHome’s seed mixes.

Cornwall Wildflower Seeds

Cornwall forms the tip of the southwest peninsula of the UK and has a geological character that’s distinct from that of the rest of Britain. With its long and varied coastline, wild landscapes, including the famous Bodmin Moor, the county certainly has a lot to offer with its diverse geology and coastal scenery. Indeed Cornwall also boasts having the longest coastline of any county and is also home to the most extensive collection of plant species in the United Kingdom. So it makes perfect sense for WildaHome to source a variety of Cornish wildflower seeds from this unique county, especially for sandy silt loam soils.

Devon Wildflower Seeds

Situated in the southwest of England, Devon is lucky to boast having the sea on both its southern and northern boundaries allowing it to offer various marine habitats, including rocky seashores, sandy beaches, towering cliffs and offshore coral reefs. In the north of the county, the largest sand dune system in the UK can be located at Braunton Burrows, and along with the very important Dartmoor heathland and culm grasslands to be enjoyed, there’s certainly lots to see.

With Devon’s landscapes of marshes and wetlands to agricultural grasslands, wildflower meadows, and different types of woodlands, the southwest county truly offers varied geology. And with culm’s characteristic tussocky deciduous grass and the wild beauty of the moorlands, there are certainly some very vital habitats to be found. The county of Devon certainly has a lot to offer, including being the perfect place to source our wildflower seeds for soils in the main, well-drained sandy silt loamy or clay loams.

Welsh Wildflower Seeds

We harvest ripe seed from our own wildflower meadows each year as well as those of some other fine meadows in Mid, South and West Wales. We supply this Welsh wildflower meadow seed for sale to individuals, businesses, contractors and conservation organisations recreating their own wild meadows.

Our wildflower meadow seed mixes are sourced in Wales and harvested from sites with differing soil types and geography. We also have seed harvested from Rhos pastures. With hay meadows in Pembrokeshire, the Gower Peninsula, Powys, Glamorgan, Dyfed, Gwent, you can be confident in your supply of locally sourced Welsh wildflower seed.

Rhos Wildflower Seeds

Seed harvested from Rhos pastures, a rare and sadly still declining grassland that is a valuable habitat and environment for much flora and fauna.

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